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First let me sincerely thank you for intrest mySWT (my Scent Work Trial). I believe you will find it to be a useful and helpful tool in administrating Scent Work Trials.

The mySWT application is a desktop software application that assists with all of the administrative tasks of holding a Scent Work trial. The application and data are stored on your local PC, so there is no concern with data privacy.

A few of the major features are:

  • Record all of the required information of an exhibitor.
  • Record the trials and Classes an exhibitor has entered.
  • Track judges and steward information.
  • Print check-in sheets for the gate steward.
  • Print pre-filled score sheets for the judge
  • Record the results within the application as it is happening.
  • Automated calculation of placements.
  • Automated population of AKC Results Catalog.
  • Automated population of AKC Trial Chairman and Trial Secretary Reports
  • Print various Trial statistics such as number of Classes, number pass/fail and high in trial.
  • Print Exhibitor Armband Labels.
  • Print Exhibitor Result Labels
  • Email Exhibitor confirmation of their entry, results and an invitation to your next trial

The application is made up of 3 Microsoft Access databases.

  • The mySWT_application file contains the queries, forms, reports and code of the application.
    • The application file is linked to the data files. You can view the location of the data files the application is currently linked to on the about box.
  • The mySWT_data file stores your shows, trial, classes, entries and results.
  • The myShare file stores your club, dogs and people. It is named myShare because it can be shared with my other applications saving you from having to re-enter all your dogs and people.
  • The About box will also tell you the version of the application and the Microsoft Access version you are running.
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