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Windows 10 or 11 PC

Microsoft Access 2013. mySCT is a Microsoft Access 2013 database application therefore either the full version or the runtime version of Microsoft Access 2013 is required. The runtime version is free and allows you to run applications designed for Microsoft Access like mySCT therefore it is NOT necessary to purchase Microsoft Access 2013. If you do not already have the full version follow the steps in section 2.3 to download and install the free runtime version.

Adobe Reader. The Judge’s books and ASCA Trial Report are fillable PDF files created by ASCA. mySCTwill fill in these PDF files for you based on the data in the database. In order for this to occur you need Adobe Reader installed. You can download Adobe reader for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/


Microsoft Outlook. mySCT has the capability of sending emails to exhibitors. Microsoft Outlook is an email client that runs on your local PC and handles the management of emails with the email account provided to you by your internet service provider or free services such as Gmail or Yahoo. mySCT can send emails via Gmail or Yahoo webmail clients, but having and using the Microsoft Outlook email client is the preferred method and provides several advantages such as being able to preview emails generated by mySCT before sending them and having a copy of sent emails in a local sent folder. Microsoft Outlook can be purchased as a standalone application or part of the Office suite. Again it is NOT a requirement for mySCT to send emails and only a recommendation.

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