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Hierarchy and Relationship

These relationships create a hierarchy or structure. Understanding this hierarchy is important especially when deleting a record. For example if I delete a show I will delete the classes that are children of that show which will delete the entries that are children of those classes. The event will not be deleted because it is the parent of the show and not a child of the show. Another example is deleting a person that is the owner of a dog. If the person was deleted the dog would be orphaned for this reason a dog must be assigned a different owner or be deleted first.

If you do need to delete something use the delete button on the applicable details page.

Events, shows, and classes can be put in a closed status.

You can close an Event, show or class by clicking the Close Out button on the applicable details page. This will also close all the applicable children.

The details pages can be filtered and are filtered on open by default, since you are normally only working with current ongoing shows.

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