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AKC Scent Work Scoresheet Multiple Areas

The judge and timer should have a discussion on how the judge wants the process to work.

The typically process for a multiple area search is:

The judge will make sure the timer has the correct dog pulled up and is ready before telling the exhibitor they can begin.

The timer will tap start when the dog begins their search.

The start button will change to a stop button and the search time will begin to increment while the max time will begin to decrement. A 30 second warning will be displayed for all levels except Master.

When the handler calls finish the timer will tap the stop button.

If the judge indicates the exhibitor is correct the timer will tap the appropriate Area button to record the time for that area, move to the next area and repeat the process above.

If the exhibitor was incorrect the timer will tap NQ and select the reason as directed by the judge. Absent, Excused and Withdrawn may also be chosen as directed by the judge.

If the exhibitor was correct on all areas the timer will tap Qualified and record any faults as directed by the judge.

The timer will tap save and show the confirmation dialog to the judge so they can write it on their paper scoresheet.

The timer will tap confirm or cancel as directed by the judge.

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