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Club and Licensing

Click the “Clubs” button on the home page ribbon to display the Clubs page.

Home Page Ribbon – Club Button

This where you enter information about your club.

The Club Name and Club Number are required fields. The club name will be used in the activation so make sure it is correct.

The club logo and club report logo are used in other parts of the application. Proper sizing of these images as indicated will provide the best results.

Club Page

Each Club needs a valid license. The license key will be on your order and in the order email.

The license key must be entered and activated for each Club. An internet connection is required for the activation, but not for use of the software. The demo also requires a license key.

Make sure your club name is correct on the club page and then enter the key and click activate.

You will not be able to create a new show until a license key has been entered. This includes the demo version.

Club Page

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