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myK9Q Overview

The myK9Q (Queue and Qualify) is a mobile software application that allows exhibitors to self check-in and view their preliminary results immediately. The dog is scored via the app at ring side. It is in effect a digital check-in and scoresheet. It does not replace a Judge’s paper scoresheet, but reduces the need for data entry by the trial secretary. 

Exhibitors can see an entry list for each class mark themselves checked-in, having a conflict or absent (pulled\scratched), see the running order, see who is in the ring and see their preliminary results immediately.

myK9Q works in conjunction with mySWT (AKC Scent Work) and myNWT (UKC Nosework). The entries are uploaded from the trial page of mySWT or myNWT. This allows for move-ups in between trials. Results are downloaded to mySWT or myNWT on the class page so that results can be processed as soon as the class ends. This eliminates the need for data entry by the trial secretary. This will make results available to exhibitors faster and make your trial more efficient.

A valid mySWT or myNWT subscription is required. You must enter the provided license key for myK9Q on the show page of mySWT or myNWT to use the myK9Q App.

Exhibitors and Judges do not need a myK9Q License Key. Only the Club needs to obtain a license key and it is entered on the show page of mySWT or myNWT. Only 1 License Key per show is required.

Internet connectivity via WiFi, Cell data service or a Cell hotspot is required at the show site. This service may not be available or adequate in all areas of your show site. The developers cannot be responsible for issues related to poor connectivity.

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