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ASCA Reports

There are two ASCA report for the Show

ASCA Post Event Evaluation form-  This report (on the trials ribbon) will pull much of the information from the show, but there are places you will need to complete, that can be done in the acrobat or after it was printed.

ASCA Scent Detection Gross Receipts— This report (on the trials ribbon) will tell you how much you owe for that trial.

There are two ASCA report for each Trial

ASCA Trial Secretary Report – This will auto populate the ASCA Trial report PDF form. This form must be signed by the trial chairman and secretary and sent to ASCA with the applicable fees. mySCT will calculate the number of pre-entries, day of show entries and the high in trial winner from this form.

ASCA Trial Roster Report—This report gives all of the entries and their results. The trial secretary will sign this and send in to ASCA.

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