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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to run the software?

The applications are Microsoft Access database applications. You will need a Windows PC powerful enough to run Microsoft Office and running Windows 10 or 11. Most PCs today are just fine.

You will need either the free run-time or the full 32 bit (x86) version of Microsoft Access and Adobe Reader which is also free.

Do you provide support and updates?

Yes, it is a subscription licensing model. All active subscriptions have free support and updates.

There are normally 2 or 3 updates a year with new features requested by our users.

Please open a support ticket for all issues and questions. http://myk9t.com/support/

If we cannot solve the problem via a support ticket we can schedule a zoom meeting where you can share your screen. http://myk9t.com/schedule-a-meeting/

Where is the data stored?

The application stores the data in two back-end databases; myShare and {application name}_data.

The myShare file contains your club, dogs and people.

The _data file contains your shows, trials, classes and entries. Splitting the data this way allows for all applications to use the same myShare file which means you do not need to enter dogs and people multiple times.

The default location is C:RyKris{application name and version}Data.

What is Re-Linking?

Re-linking simply means telling the application which data files to read and write from.

You may need to Re-Link the application to the data files if they change location or the file name is changed. This may be also be required after an upgrade or if you have multiple clubs and are keeping their data in separate files.

It is accomplished by clicking the Re-Link button on the ribbon. You can see more details in the user guide.

Can the software be installed on another PC?

Yes, the software is licensed to the club and can be installed as many PCs as you like, for example you have more than one trial secretary and they each use their own PC.

Place a free upgrade order for a download link to the latest version and install it on the new PC.

Copy your data files from the old PC to the new PC replacing the sample files that come with the install.

Will the software run on a MAC?

No, unfortunately not. The application is a Microsoft Database application and Microsoft Access will not run on a MAC.

Why is my club not listed when adding a new Show

Check the club page for a valid license key.

Make sure the key is entered and the status says valid.

Only clubs with a valid active license can create a new shows.

How do I upgrade?
  • Place free upgrade order on my website https://myK9T.com
  • Backup your data files by clicking the back up button on the home page of the application.
  • Open the About box and note the file location of your data files; myShare and {application name}_data.
  • Open the Shows list page and note the number of Shows you currently have
  • Open the Dogs list page and note the number of Dogs you currently have
  • Close the application
  • Download the application setup zip file to your PC.
  • Open the zip file.
  • Run the {application name}_setup.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Start the pplication and if required re-link it to your two data files. The default location is C:RyKris{application name and version}Data folder.
  • Login and click the about box to verify the new version number.
  • Verify the number of shows and dogs is the same as before the upgrade.
  • If you only see the sample dogs and show make sure you are linked to the correct data files and try re-linking.