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The information below gives the definition of some of the terms and conventions used throughout the myCFT application. A good understanding of these terms will help in using the application more efficiently.

The term used to define the entire event which could consist of one or more days. A show will contain one or more trials. Typically, a show will be held over a weekend and contain a morning and an afternoon trial each day.

The term used to define a set of Classes. A trial will be assigned to a show.

An exhibitor is a dog and handler team that is competing in a Class.

A class is a term for what the dog is competing. For example, Puppy, Junior, Adult, Champion, Veteran, etc.

A database entity. For example, each dog, each person, each show, each trial, each class, etc., would be a record in the database.

Shows, Trials and Classes are all assigned a status of either open or closed. This status is used throughout the system for determining what choices are given. For example, only open Classes are presented for entering an exhibitor. It is important to update the applicable status as the show progresses.

System Hierarchy
The hierarchy of the system is Shows contain Trials. Trials contain Classes. Classes contain Entries. It is important to keep this concept in mind when setting up your shows.

Bold Field Label
A field label that is bold and contains an asterisk is a required field and must be entered in order to save that record. For example, you cannot enter a new exhibitor without providing a UKC Registration number, register name, breed and handler name.

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