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Armband numbers are assigned at the show level when a dog is entered into the first class for that show. This allows the exhibitor to keep the same armband number for the entire weekend.

A starting armband number is assigned when creating the show. The default is 100, but can be changed when creating the show. This means the fist dog entered into a class will be given the number configured as the starting armband number for that show. Each subsequent exhibitor will be assigned the next higher number. Armband numbers can be re-numbered if needed on the show details page.

Armband number can be printed on adhesive labels for exhibitors to attach to their shirt. The size labels required are 1 and 1/3 inches by 4 inches (Avery # 18262)

Armband labels can be printed from the show, trial or class detail pages. The trial date, dog’s call name, Handler’s name and club logo can be included.

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