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Add New Dogs

Click the “Add a New Dog” button on the home page ribbon to open the Add a New Dog dialog box.

The dog, owner and handler are stored separately in the database because an owner or handler can have more than one dog and this keeps you from having to enter duplicate information.

The AKC Number, Registered Name, Breed, Owner and Handler Name are required fields and must be entered to save the Dog’s record. The large box to the right is for attachments and is a nice place to place a picture of the dog.

The Exhibitor ID number is automatically assigned based on the ID number assigned to the Dog by the mySWT application. It is displayed as New until the first field is entered. Displaying it on this screen is helpful when doing Day of Show entries.

Add New Dog Dialog

If the owner already exists, simply choose their name from the drop down list on the Owner Details tabs. An owner must be selected. A Co-Owner is optional.

If the owner does not already exist, click the edit list icon which will appear at the bottom when the Owner drop down box is expanded.

This will open the Add a New Person page. Complete the information and click “Save and Close”.

Add New Person Dialog

You can then select their name in the Owner Details drop down list on the Add a New Dog page.

Complete the remaining information and click Save and Close.

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