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View Dogs

Click the “View Dogs” button on the home page ribbon and choose Dogs Details or Dogs List to display your Dogs in one of two ways.

The Dogs List page displays a list of Dogs in columns and rows much like a spreadsheet. Each column can be sorted and filtered.

Dogs List

The Dogs Details page is divided into two parts. The upper part displays information for that dog and is divided into four tabs. The Dog info tab contains the dog’s information, such as AKC #, Armband #, Call Name, Registered Name, Breed, etc. The Owner and Co-Owner Details tab contains information about theowner or co-owner such as name, address, email, phone, etc. The notes/attachments tab is where you may place any notes or attach any documents for this exhibitor.

The bottom part (Classes Datasheet) displays all of the Classes that the dog has been entered in for your shows and their results.

The first column in the Classes Datasheet is the Class ID which is the unique Identifier that is automatically assigned by the system when the Class is created. This ID is a hyperlink and clicking on it will open the Classes page with that Class displayed. When navigating to a Class in this manner the open and closed filter is disabled.

The Dogs ribbon has 5 buttons specific to mySWT;

  • Add a New Dog – This will add a new exhibitor to mySWT.
  • Enter Exhibitor in a Class – This will allow you to enter this exhibitor in a Trial/Class.
  • AKC Entry Form – This will auto populate the AKC Scent Work entry form with information stored in mySWT for this exhibitor.
  • AKC Transfer Form – This will auto populate the AKC Transfer form with information stored in mySWT for this exhibitor.
Dog Details

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