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The myK9Q license key is entered and activated on the show details page myK9Q tab.

An Event Web Link can be entered prior to activation. This can be used to take the exhibitor to your club website or premium for the event.

When the license key is activated the show is created in the myK9Q cloud database and is visible in myK9Q.

Four passcodes are generated. Admin, Judge and Steward codes should be kept private as they provide additional privileges.

Admin – This is intended to be used by the Trial Secretary and has admin privileges in myK9Q.

Judge – This is intended to be used by the Judge and Timer. It allows access to the scoresheet.

Steward – This is intended to be used by the gate steward. It allows them to check-in exhibitors, move them to the top or bottom of the running order and to manually set the entry status to in-ring, pending or completed if myK9Q is not being used for scoring.

Exhibitor – This is intended to be used by Exhibitors to self check-in, view running order and results.

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