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Place free upgrade order on my website https://myK9T.com

Backup your data files by clicking the back up button on the home page of mySCT.

Open the About box and note the file location of your data files; myShare and mySCT_data.

Open the Shows list page and note the number of Shows you currently have

Open the Dogs list page and note the number of Dogs you currently have

Close mySCT

Download the mySCT_setup file to your PC.

Open the mySCT_setup zip file.

Run the mySCT_setup.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Start mySCT and re-link it to your two data files. The default location is C:\RyKris\mySCT\Data folder.

Login and click the about box to verify the new version number.

Verify the number of shows and dogs is the same as before the upgrade.

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