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Add New People

Clicking the “Add a New Person” button on the ribbon allows you to add a new person. A person will be an owner, handler, steward, judge, chairman, secretary, or myNWT user.

Add a New Person Dialog

The Roles tab controls if this person has additional roles and responsibilities beyond just being an owner or handler. The three types are a myNWT user, judge or steward. For example, it is recommended that you add yourself as a myNWT user. You would complete the information on the Info tab and enter a password in the user’s password field on the Roles tab. The next time you login you will see yourself listed along with Admin in the username drop down list. A steward is someone who helps in any capacity with the trial. If someone is a steward, check the Steward checkbox and they will now be available as a choice in all steward fields which includes chairman and secretary. For judges enter their judge’s number and they will be listed as a choice for a judge.

Add a New Person Dialog Roles Tab

Click “Save and Close” to add this person to the database.

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