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  • Richard Beezley

    06/23/2022 at 7:53 AM

    Laura, yes email has changed with the 2.3.x release. Gmail as of May 30th no longer allows 3rd party apps to send email through them with just a username and password, so changes had to be made.

    The webmail choice is for those without the Microsoft Outlook on their PC. It uses an email service I pay for. Email will come from notifications@myk9t.com. You only need to supply a reply-to address which can be your Gmail address for exhibitors to reply to.

    The different email choices have been collapsed into two; All people in your database or those entered in your show. There are now 10 message tabs where you can save your message text. You can use them however you want. You simply select the message in the drop down you want to send.