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  • Ken

    01/23/2022 at 3:29 PM

    I believe one way to do it is to via the Class Entries List page. Get into the class for that trial for that show and click Class Entries List on the ribbon above. The display should be in two parts, the top half showing a formatted report of a selected dog, and the bottom half showing a list of all the dogs in the class. Click anywhere on the line on the bottom half for the dog you want to change. You should then see the information for that dog formatted on the top half of the page. Double-check you are looking at the correct dog and change the Handler to the name you want. Click Save at the top and close the Entries List tab. Now click Score Sheets on the top ribbon and click Specific Armband Number. Enter the armband number for the dog you just changed and click OK. This is a test to make sure the resulting scoresheet displayed has the correct handler name on it. Please note: We should all be quite careful when working in the Entries List page. I wouldn’t say it’s akin to adjusting the rods in a nuclear reactor, but not paying attention to every move and key stroke can lead to some unpleasant consequences.